A pileated woodpecker excavates a Thanksgiving meal in Bear Creek Park in Houston, TX.


Every bird has a special appeal (with the exception of robins, which I’ll explain in a future post). Some are colorful, others elusive. There are rare birds, giant birds, silly birds, frightening birds, and everything in between. Rarely does one bird possess so much charisma as the pileated woodpecker: queen hammerhead of the forest. Flaming … Continue reading

Wedding Pic

Love Birds

Hello! I am happy to be back to bird blogging after a long hiatus. I have had many adventures in the past several months, both birding and otherwise. I got married, and together with my new husband, we drove our collective belongings from Michigan to Houston, TX not once–but twice. How’s that for a migration? … Continue reading

A barred owl and her eggs


It’s difficult to convey the degree to which owls fascinate me. From time to time, Scott and I go out looking for them. Once we went owling on a frigid December night, flashlights in hand, and stood motionless for what felt like hours. We played an owl call on a portable speaker. The fake owl … Continue reading


Don’t Eat These Cookies

Awhile back I posted about a DIY project for making birdseed cookies. I decided to make my own birdseed cookies one lonely Saturday afternoon. I’ll direct you to this cool website for a complete list of ingredients and directions, but lets just say it was a shamefully simple project. And safe too. No heating and no … Continue reading

Nestbox with eggs and litter


Surprise! This blog is still alive! After a restful spring break in Michigan, I am excited to get back to the blogging. Last week Scott and I spent some time at his family’s cabin in Woodville, MI. Three years ago, Scott built a large nest box. He installed it on a tree near the house, … Continue reading

Inca dove

Love the Doves

If you are like me, then at one time in your life, you thought that the pigeon-like bird heard cooing around dawn was called a morning dove. If you are like me, you were wrong. It’s actually a mourning dove, so named for its sorrowful song. Mourning doves are abundant in the suburban Michigan neighborhood where … Continue reading

I sawed my friend in two. And I actually invited two additional friends over: Ms. Spoon and Mr. Sharper Knife.

Little Miss Popular

I’m not sure whether to feel proud or pathetic. Last weekend, while my peers were out doing age appropriate activities, such as dating each other or recording a new album with their rock ‘n roll band, I was indoors making homemade bird feeders out of rotting vegetables. Or are they fruits? I used a softening … Continue reading

Blue-winged teals with American coots

Dabbling in Ducks

Blue-winged teal. Such a colorful name for such a drab duck. At least that’s what I thought when I saw the ducks photographed above. That’s them, interspersed among American coots. I regret calling these ducks drab. I didn’t really mean it. Even when its blue hues are not evident, the blue-winged teal is lovely. The … Continue reading

Now this was a clever stance. Back feet on the table and front feet on the window.

Why I Keep My Cat Inside (and you should too)

Yesterday morning I decked out my apartment porch with four–that’s right, FOUR– bird feeders and a makeshift birdbath. If I had to be stuck inside catching up on grading all day, then I was going to bring the birds to me. I made my own feeder out of an acorn squash (learn how to do … Continue reading

A hungry hawk intrudes upon the parakeets' peaceful abode.

Little Cock in the Big City

The HISD professional development building is located in a neighborhood with questionable curb appeal. Old sofas, vacuum boxes, and dirty diapers stop just short of the curb, and sit there rotting for who knows how long. Front porches collapse, seemingly under the weight of poverty, and there they remain. As an outsider looking in, the … Continue reading


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